• Using Sex Doll Toys

    Using Sex Toys In Combination With Sex Dolls

    There are countless articles out there that compare simple sex toys to sex dolls. Sex toys like masturbators, of course, have the big advantage of being small, practical, and easy to store under a bed. Nevertheless, they still offer a great experience that is quite unlike anything you’ve experienced.

    Sex dolls take this to the next level. With a sex doll, you can now enjoy sex with what looks like a real woman… except for a perfect woman. A woman with impossible proportioned breasts, and tiny hips. A woman with full, soft lips, that are perfectly contorted into a permanent groan of satisfaction. 

    Yeah, they’re great.

    But of course sex dolls are hard to transport, they’re large, and some guys feel awkward about using them.

    That’s not what this article is about. Instead, we’re looking at another option entirely: using sex toys AND sex dolls.


    So what might this look like? Well, if you get tired of the holes that came with your sex doll, you could always consider getting her to use a masturbator. Put it in her hand, and then help her with the motion. You get a new experience, and you get to look at her hot face at the same time (and probably finish on it too).

    You can get all kinds of regular masturbators, but you can also experiment with more expensive options that do a whole lot more.

    The most ambitious of the male masturbator pack though must be the more expensive ‘Tenga Flip Hole’ which looks almost like a pair of hair straighteners on a stalk. This has various different functions and rather than trying to mimic the female vagina it aims to give a unique sensation that you control throughout the entire process. It’s like the prostitute cousin of R2D2 and represents a considerable investment. 

    The sex dolls and Tenga Flip Hole-level expensive mastubators, are unique in that they are designed for multiple uses. The other male masturbators are generally intended for a single use, though they can be used multiple times if you use a condom. Part of the reason for this, other than the obvious fact that you can make a mess of them, is that you will eventually wear out the lubrication and fabric ruining the experience. While these are much cheaper than, the others offer more of an investment. 

    So choose your device, think about the logistics, then whack away! 

    Cock Rings and Lube

    Another option is to use a cock ring or a special stimulating lube. Cock rings are not just for the woman’s pleasure: they also increase the sensitivity of your penis and help you to go longer!

    Likewise, a lube can provide extra speed and reduced friction, but also all kinds of tingling sensations and even warming feelings!

    Adding these to the experience with your doll will mix things up, while also helping you to experience entirely different sensations.

    For Her…

    Finally, you can even consider getting a dildo for your sex doll. While some guys won’t see the appeal, for others the idea of pleasuring their woman is extremely sexy. And of course, it can be fun to watch her suck it too…

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    The Silicone Threesome

    The silicone threesome is a sexual experience that very few guys are ever going to enjoy, which right away should grab your attention.

    What exactly am I talking about here? 

    Of course, I am referring to a threesome between yourself, a woman (wife or girlfriend normally), and a sex doll. This is an extremely kinky, exciting, and sexy option, that also creates a ton of different possibilities. 

    Let’s explore why it’s exciting, and what you can do to make it happen.

    The Dream

    Many guys will consider a threesome to be the ultimate sexual experience. The idea of being able to fuck a woman from behind doggy style, while making out with a completely different woman is inherently arousing.

    The problem is that very few women are going to allow this in a serious relationship. Moreover, it’s actually not as amazing as you might at first seem. The reason? A threesome can actually create a LOT of emotional complications. You need to convince your partner that you still find her most attractive, you need to find the person to have sex with, you need to deal with jealousy and insecurity… it’s a LOT.

    Sex with a sex doll though can make many aspects of that threesome fantasy come true. Imagine your wife grabbing the head of your sex doll – who is made up to look extremely sexy – and forcing her to give you head! Imagine being able to cum across both of their chests, or cumming inside the doll and then watching your wife lick her out. This is hot stuff, and all without any of the complicated emotional issues.

    Imagine watching your wife fuck another woman – who has been made up to look just like your deepest fantasy. 

    How to Make it Happen

    The problem is that this is a strange request to broach with your partner, and one that many guys are going to feel extremely awkward about bringing up. Even if you do – a lot of women are going to dismiss the idea out of hand. That’s especially true seeing as the best most realistic silicone sex dolls are quite expensive!

    The best solution then, is to gradually work your way up to it. This can start by introducing more basic sex toys into the bedroom. How about a dildo for her and a masturbator for you?

    From there, you can start to make more kinky suggestions. How about she licks out the masturbator after? 

    How about you pleasure her while she uses the dildo?

    Now it’s not such a huge stretch to consider bringing in the bust of a woman, or perhaps a cheap silicone sex doll. And if she is okay with that… well now it’s easy to suggest the real deal.

    Just be ready for her to suggest that you also get a male sex doll to even the odds! Hey, relationships are about give and take. And actually, this can be quite a sexy thing for you too – watching her suck off another dick (with none of the envy) can really get you going, and it gets her hot and horny too!

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    Exciting Ways to Change Your Sex Doll’s Look

    Many guys don’t realize the full potential of a sex doll until they’ve had one for a while. Far from being simply a male masturbator with tits, this is a highly versatile partner who wants nothing more than to please you. 

    You can now have sex with a stunning woman on cue and in any way you want. Want a sensual bath? Then you can have one! Want to have anal sex? Go for it! Want to have a titfuck? That’s on the table too.

    Heck, most are posable enough that you can work your way through the Kamasutra! 

    And this is before we’ve explored the many other possibilities. Possibilities like role play, like dress-up, and more.

    It’s that last option we’re going to focus on in this post: all the ways that you can experiment by changing your sex-doll’s look. In so doing, you can feel as though you are having sex with a different woman every night, and even start to explore the realms of fantasy…

    Wigs, Makeup, and More

    Many realistic sex dolls are actually entirely bald. This design is of course intended to create more options for users, by enabling the use of wigs that can completely change the look of your sex partner. Fancy sex with a readhead sex doll? You can! Want to have sex with black hair doll? Go for it! How about short hair, or a curly 80s perm?

    Changing the makeup can likewise completely alter the look of your sex doll. You can go for a vampy dominatrix doll with red lipstick and dark eyeshadow, or you can go for the sexy cheerleader look, or girl next door! 

    Then there’s the option to change your doll’s clothes. Where do you buy sex doll clothes? At any women’s clothes shop! Now you can live out your fantasy of having sex with Wonder Woman sex dolls, with flight attendant redhead sex dolls, or of dominatrixes with their leather underwear, whips, and striking makeup.

    Oh and of course high heels are a must!


    Speaking of wigs and shoes, these are more accessories than clothes. And there are many other options you can explore here too. For example, how about giving your flesh doll glasses? Or what about a hat? You can put her hair in plats, or you can even get her a dildo!


    The thing to remember though, is that a sex doll allows you to break outside the limits of reality. That means that you can not only do things with her that no real woman would be able to imitate (upside down sex of various kinds comes to mind) but also that you can put her in fancy dress. In fact, you can buy elf sex dolls! 

    But even if you didn’t get an elf sex doll, you can just as easily turn your sex doll into an alien, into a character from your favorite movie… How about Lara Croft? Or maybe a mermaid? Anything is possible!

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    Sex Doll vs Masturbator

    A sex doll is a lifelike doll that is designed to look and feel as close to a real woman as possible. This will normally be made from a silicone material that is intended to closely mimic the appearance and feel of real human skin. That is then coupled with incredible artistry that is intended to make the doll look and feel completely real. This is true of high quality sex dolls at least!

    A masturbator meanwhile does away with all of the “extraneous parts” and gives you just a simple vagina. In some cases, you might get an anus or a mouth, but essentially this is just a tube that has been lubricated and that may have been designed to look and feel a little bit like that part of a woman. Very often it is just called a fleshlight.

    So what’s the difference? Why use one over the other? Read on and we’ll attempt to answer that question.

    Benefits of a Masturbator

    A masturbator is of course a much more discrete item that is easier to hide. This will feel very much like being inside a woman, except that it will allow you to control the pace and of course to enjoy that intercourse whenever you want! When you’re done, you simply need to wash it out and stick it in a drawer. You can even bring it on holiday with you! This is the closest thing there is to a dildo for straight men, and a lot of guys really swear by them!

    Masturbators come in a variety of different designs but each one is intended to offer an unrivalled pleasure that no guy could possibly achieve with his hand alone – even if he were to use lubricants!

    Compared with a sex doll, masturbators are much cheaper, easier to store and transport, and a little less intimate. That last point can turn out to be a good thing if you find the thought of a sex doll to be too “full on.”

    Benefits of Sex Dolls

    Despite the many benefits that a masturbator can offer, sex dolls remain popular. So why is this?

    The first and most obvious reason is that sex dolls create an added sense of intimacy and in this case, that is a good thing. Guys who feel they want more sex usually don’t just want to feel stimulated – they also want to enjoy the closeness of sex. Sex is a highly emotional experience and one that is actually extremely good for our psychological and emotional wellbeing. A sex doll can add all of this.

    Moreover, a sex doll can make the experience much more enjoyable thanks to the “visual element” that it brings to the table. Men in particular are highly aroused by the physical and visual aspects of a woman – a simple curve can be enough to turn us on!

    Looking at a woman’s moaning lips while making love to her is far more arousing than using a disembodied mouth!

    And of course, sex dolls also offer more physical pleasure. With more to hold on to and a total of three holes (not to mention the option for a titfuck) you have MUCH more opportunity to enjoy yourself in different ways.

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    Things to Try With Your Sex Doll

    So, you took the plunge and invested in a sex doll! No doubt you’re over the moon and having a great time getting to know your new squeeze.

    But once the novelty of missionary starts to wear off, there is a whole world of possibilities to explore. Sex Dolls are the ultimate sex toys and can be enjoyed in a whole plethora of different ways. So, in this post, we’re going to explore what some of those are.


    One thing to try with your sex doll is using different lubes. Of course, you have probably already tried some basic lubes simply in order to enjoy the doll as intended. However, at this point you can now start to experiment with different and more interesting types of lubes. We’re talking about products that can provide additional stimulation such as heating sensations or tingling. And of course these can go in the vagina, anus, OR mouth.


    We doubt it took you long to realize this, but you shouldn’t stick to the vagina when it comes to sex with your doll. Anal sex with dolls is designed to offer a tighter experience in most cases, and then there’s the enjoyment of the visual element. This is something a lot of human partners won’t let you do, so it should definitely be near the top of your list once you get the most agreeable and flexible partner possible!


    Oral sex is another great option with a doll. This is not only very sexy, but also gives you lots of options. Why not lie her on the bed and have her head hanging back over the edge: a porn flick classic that very few guys get to enjoy in real-life!

    Or why not lie her on the floor for a good old fashioned face-fuck?


    You might not have thought of this, but why not put those posable, perfectly manicured nails to good use too?


    Of course, you should also try dressing your sex doll up! These days, sex dolls are designed to be immaculately beautiful, and in many cases, they are even more stunning than women you would meet in real life. Heck, they can even enjoy proportions that a real woman would never be able to accomplish!

    But variety is the spice of life, and unlike a real partner, there is no need to stay stuck with “the same woman” for the rest of your life! Short of splashing out for another sex doll and having a threesome (which is also great), you can change her hair by investing in another wig, or you can change the makeup. Do you want girl next door or vampy temptress? Why not both?


    Talking of splashing out, you can also take your sex doll for a bath! It’s an intimate and sexy experience, and one that also feels great thanks to the warm water and variety of soaps and lotions to hand!


    Still talking of splashing out… you can also enjoy getting that “money shot” with a sex doll. Whether you want to cum on her tits or her shoes, you’ve got free reign!


  • Alpha Men Should Own Sex Dolls

    Why Alpha Men Should Own Sex Dolls

    When you think of guys who own sex dolls, you might think of lonely, scrawny guys who are too timid to find themselves “real women.” 

    Of course, this does occasionally describe the demographic. But sex dolls are not just for those kinds of guys, and in fact this is something that literally any guy can enjoy. 

    And actually, there is an argument to be made for sex dolls being an ideal purchase for the more typically “alpha” male. Why is that? Read on and find out!

    What Makes Guys “Alpha”

    Just what do we mean by the word “alpha?”

    Essentially, an alpha male is a guy who is aggressive in a positive way, who is confident and calm, and who other men gravitate to. 

    This ultimately comes down to high levels of testosterone, which have the effect of changing behavior, increasing muscle mass, changing the sound of the voice (making it deeper), and even changing the face in order to become more typically masculine.

    Some guys are born with more testosterone, and these are the ones that tend to be the “high school jocks” who go on to become bankers and athletes.

    Testosterone also changes your personality by increasing the action of androgen receptors in the brain. Studies show that this increases risk taking, assertiveness, confidence, and even memory!

    Where Sex Dolls Come In

    All this extra testosterone also means that most alpha males are extremely libidinous and have a huge appetite for sex. This is something that unfortunately doesn’t sit particularly well with modern culture. 

    Even (especially) if you are in a stable relationship, you will not have “sex on tap” and will still be required to wait a lot of the time. As women are typically less horny than men, this can mean going for weeks without sex at some times.

    And what other people don’t understand is that this is like a cruel form of torture. It’s like not eating for days at a time! The longer you go without, the stronger the urge becomes, until it becomes distracting. This can come out in other ways, or cause guys to act reckless and make stupid mistakes.

    Eventually, it can actually lower testosterone!

    For that reason, a lot of guys turn to their own hands to solve the problem. This feels like a step backward for sure, but what it also does is to lower the androgen receptor count in the brain. The body knows the difference between real sex and masturbation, and the chemical change is entirely different.

    A sex doll can change this. Not only does it offer the sex that alpha males need, but it also does so in a way that actually feels like real sex to the body. That means that it actually increases androgen receptor density, reduces the desire for sex, and helps to keep you in the mindset of an alpha “warrior hawk.” This is why every guy should get a sex doll, ESPECIALLY alpha males!

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    Easy to follow guidelines to choose and buy the best sex doll

    Many people are desired to have a sex with adorable sex doll and they can get peculiar sex experience. Buying the sex doll on online is an easy thing, due to different shops specialized in sex dolls sale. However, investing in one of the best yet most competitive prices of sex dolls is very important to fulfil expectations about the enhanced adult fun. As a beginner to the latest collection of high-quality sex dolls, you may search for the best suggestions to identify and order one of the most suitable sex dolls.

    Explore specifications of sex dolls

    The first-class sex doll is designed to provide the sexual satisfaction as well as the best companionship for its users regardless of the time. Standard and fetish sex dolls are available on the market at competitive prices. You can explore benefits and drawbacks of these categories of sex dolls in detail. Entry-level sex doll collection on online is suggested for every beginner to the sex doll. This is because the sex doll in this genre is particularly designed to satisfy every beginner to the sex doll related adult entertainment. Sex doll in the entry-level type is usually standing at about three feet tall. There are double D-cup breast sizes in almost every sex doll in the mini size category.

    Users of the cheap yet realistic sex doll get 100% satisfaction. They feel comfortable to handle this lightweight sex doll. If you wish to discreetly use the sex doll, then you can prefer and buy the mini sex doll rather than full-size doll. Erotic elements in the mid-range sex dolls encourage many men to immediately prefer and order one of these sex dolls. These dolls are very lifelike dolls. Affordable prices of these dolls are made of medium to low grade thermoplastic elastomer or silicone materials. High-end luxury sex dolls are made of high-quality silicone material. These sex dolls include realistic breasts and vaginas with extremely well contoured nature.

    Fulfil desires about the improved adult fun

    Beginners and regular users of the high end love dolls get 100% sexual satisfaction. They use every chance to be smart in their approach to realize their sexual fantasies on the whole with the sex doll. Highly realistic nature of every feature of the sex doll is an important reason behind the overall eagerness of many visitors to the reliable sex doll shop to directly prefer the high-end luxury sex doll without any doubt.

    Many men throughout the world search for the first-class sex doll with a desire to use it as their companion and improve their masturbation in various aspects. They get loads of favourable things from the successful approach to use the sex doll. They take advantage of the flexible metal skeletons and realistic body parts. They can contact the shop recommended for cheap and best sex dolls at this time. They get enough assistance and ensure about how to be smart in their way to fulfil sex doll shopping expectations.

  • Who are sex dolls for?

    Who Are Sex Dolls For?

    Perhaps you are an outsider looking in at the world of silicone dolls and wondering if they’re right for you. 

    Maybe you’re a potential buyer, considering investing in a sex doll in order to improve your own sex life. 

    Either way, you might find yourself wondering who precisely these dolls are for – and whether you’re the right demographic. In this post, we’ll attempt to answer that question.

    Not Just for Single Guys

    Let’s get one thing out of the way: sex dolls are not just for lonely, single guys. While this is sometimes the case – and a sex doll can certainly help with loneliness – they also appeal to a LOT of other people.

    For one, a sex doll can actually be a great addition for a happily married couple! Bringing sex toys into the bedroom is a fantastic way to spice up your love life and make things a little more exciting. But while this often means things like cock rings and dildos, it can also mean things that are a little more elaborate – like sex dolls!

    Imagine a three some, or seeing your partner kiss another woman… but with none of the awkwardness or even potential risks involved with introducing an actual partner!

    Likewise, sex dolls can provide a man or woman with sexual gratification when their partner isn’t available or in the mood. There is nothing wrong with this, and in fact it can further improve the sexual relationship of that couple.

    A Variety of Circumstances

    There are many other circumstances where a sex doll can be a great option however.

    Of course, some single guys do like sex dolls, but they aren’t all lonely men who can’t get laid! Just as likely is that a sex doll belongs to a busy professional, who wants to enjoy a sexual relationship with a luxury partner, but who simply doesn’t have time for a relationship right now. 

    Or how about guys and gals who just aren’t interested in traditional relationships? This happens – and it doesn’t mean that they don’t still want to have sex with someone beautiful!

    Then there are all the situations in which a person might not be able to have a normal sexual relationship. Perhaps this is someone who struggles with social interactions, or maybe they’re someone who is physically disabled. Either way, a sex doll can be a perfect alternative to ensure that they still have a full and satisfying sex life.

    This can also follow for the elderly.

    And then of course there are the lonely guys – and there’s nothing wrong with that either! Using a sex doll doesn’t only provide sexual stimulation, but can also offer a sense of intimacy and closeness that might otherwise be missing. 

    A sex doll can even provide a great way for someone to build their confidence, and to gain the experience and the courage to act on their desires and meet someone!

    Finally, some people just find the whole concept of the sex doll incredibly sexy. It’ not that they can’t have other relationships or don’t want them… simply that they are extremely drawn to this world.

    In short then, sex dolls are for everyone! If you’re in a relationship and want to augment your sexuality, if you’re on your own for a variety of reasons… a sex doll can provide an amazing sexual experience and one that everyone should sample.

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    How to Hide Your Sex Doll

    If you own a sex doll then this might be something that you don’t want to advertise. Just to be clear: there is nothing wrong with owning sex dolls. In fact, looking after your own sexual health and finding interesting ways to pleasure yourself should be encouraged! Why prevent yourself from doing something that could bring you a huge amount of pressure? Simply because a few people might not understand it?

    With all that in mind though, you no more want to have your sex doll discovered by your parents when they come to visit than you want to leave your condom wrappers lying around – or even your underwear! This is a private matter, and it’s not something that a lot of people will particularly feel comfortable discussing with you! 

    With all that said, a sex doll is unfortunately a rather large item that isn’t always going to be the easiest thing to hide!

    So how do you go about keeping it out of view? Read on and let’s find out.

    Spaces for Storing Sex Dolls

    What you need to ensure, is that as you hide your sex doll without causing damage to it at the same time. That means finding somewhere that is large enough for it, and where you won’t be forced to awkwardly contort it. 

    A high quality sex doll is not something that should be stored in an attic where it can become damaged to even moldy! Instead, it is something that should be treated with due care and attention. 

    Suitable spaces then include under the bed, in a wardrobe (standing upright), or in a larger closet space (such as a cupboard under the stairs).

    Now of course, these kinds of spaces do risk allowing people to stumble onto them. There is nothing to prevent someone from opening your wardrobe and finding your sex doll staring back at them. This can be something of a shock! 

    So consider getting a lock for those doors!

    A Bag

    You should also keep your sex doll in a bag. This not only prevents it from being scraped and scuffed when you pull and push it into the space where you are keeping it, but it also means that people who might happen to stumble on it aren’t going to immediately know what they have found!

    This doesn’t mean you should be putting your doll in a bin bag, which not only feels disrespectful (and a little murderous) but also won’t protect your doll. Instead, you should look for a large gym bag, or something else that is made of a firmer texture with a zip. This way you can protect your doll and a strap will also make it easy to carry around.

    When Space is Tight

    If you absolutely must store your doll in a smaller space, then consider its natural range of motion. Most dolls are designed to be able to sit, which will make the doll shorter, though deeper. You can this way store it in some places that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Just don’t force it past the way it was meant to bend!

  • types of sex dolls

    What Are The Different Types of Sex Dolls?

    Types of Sex Doll

    If you’re looking to improve your sex life – either solo or with a partner – then getting a sex doll can be a great option. A sex doll is essentially a life-like doll that is designed to provide sexual stimulation.

    The best sex dolls can look almost lifelike, thereby allowing a “partner” to enjoy an almost complete sexual experience almost as though they were with a real partner. Of course, this also incorporates the use of holes, often lubrication, and more.

    But of course there is more than one type of sex doll, and the type that you choose is going to drastically impact on your overall experience. In this post, we will examine the different types of sex doll to find out which might be the best kind for your needs.

    Blow Up Dolls

    When you think of sex dolls, you might be inclined to think of the blow-up kind. A blow up sex doll is an inflatable doll made from plastic that can be inflated in order to provide all the necessary holes.

    Blow up dolls have the considerable advantage of being easy to transport and to fold away when not in use. For those people who would rather not keep their sex dolls on display, this is a useful feature!

    That said, blow up dolls are severely lacking both in terms of their realism, and in terms of the kind of tactile experience they can provide. Of course, inflatable plastic is often quite hard to touch, and will also often include an uncomfortable seam where it has been manufactured. Blow up dolls have unusual proportions, and they lack fine details. The result is something that doesn’t look particularly like a real person, and that can therefore often be considered more of a novelty gift than anything else.

    Silicone Dolls

    The more realistic types of sex doll therefore are made from silicone. This is a material that is softer to touch than plastic, and which has the appearance of being much more similar to human skin. It is also far more moldable and generally much more durable.

    A silicone doll has the potential to look extremely lifelike. While not all silicone sex dolls are hyper realistic (this depends largely on your budget!), the ones that have been designed in this manner will often be so realistic as to be easy to mistake for actual people!

    Silicone dolls can also vary in terms of the precise material that is used to create them. Silicone dolls were initially made from tin-cure silicone, but this has more recently been replaced by platinum-silicone in the high-end market. Some dolls are likewise made from a thermoplastic elastomer called TPE, which is often used instead. This is particularly common in dolls from overseas (such as China). They are just as high quality as most platinum cure silicone dolls, but are usually less expensive.

    Elastic gel is also used by some companies which offer superior shape memory and elasticity. 

    Additional Features

    There are many more features that you can find in silicone dolls, which include everything from motorized thrusting motions, to heated orifices. 

    In short, silicone dolls are today highly realistic and offer enough variety to suit every taste!