Alpha Men Should Own Sex Dolls

Why Alpha Men Should Own Sex Dolls

When you think of guys who own sex dolls, you might think of lonely, scrawny guys who are too timid to find themselves “real women.” 

Of course, this does occasionally describe the demographic. But sex dolls are not just for those kinds of guys, and in fact this is something that literally any guy can enjoy. 

And actually, there is an argument to be made for sex dolls being an ideal purchase for the more typically “alpha” male. Why is that? Read on and find out!

What Makes Guys “Alpha”

Just what do we mean by the word “alpha?”

Essentially, an alpha male is a guy who is aggressive in a positive way, who is confident and calm, and who other men gravitate to. 

This ultimately comes down to high levels of testosterone, which have the effect of changing behavior, increasing muscle mass, changing the sound of the voice (making it deeper), and even changing the face in order to become more typically masculine.

Some guys are born with more testosterone, and these are the ones that tend to be the “high school jocks” who go on to become bankers and athletes.

Testosterone also changes your personality by increasing the action of androgen receptors in the brain. Studies show that this increases risk taking, assertiveness, confidence, and even memory!

Where Sex Dolls Come In

All this extra testosterone also means that most alpha males are extremely libidinous and have a huge appetite for sex. This is something that unfortunately doesn’t sit particularly well with modern culture. 

Even (especially) if you are in a stable relationship, you will not have “sex on tap” and will still be required to wait a lot of the time. As women are typically less horny than men, this can mean going for weeks without sex at some times.

And what other people don’t understand is that this is like a cruel form of torture. It’s like not eating for days at a time! The longer you go without, the stronger the urge becomes, until it becomes distracting. This can come out in other ways, or cause guys to act reckless and make stupid mistakes.

Eventually, it can actually lower testosterone!

For that reason, a lot of guys turn to their own hands to solve the problem. This feels like a step backward for sure, but what it also does is to lower the androgen receptor count in the brain. The body knows the difference between real sex and masturbation, and the chemical change is entirely different.

A sex doll can change this. Not only does it offer the sex that alpha males need, but it also does so in a way that actually feels like real sex to the body. That means that it actually increases androgen receptor density, reduces the desire for sex, and helps to keep you in the mindset of an alpha “warrior hawk.” This is why every guy should get a sex doll, ESPECIALLY alpha males!