types of sex dolls

What Are The Different Types of Sex Dolls?

Types of Sex Doll

If you’re looking to improve your sex life – either solo or with a partner – then getting a sex doll can be a great option. A sex doll is essentially a life-like doll that is designed to provide sexual stimulation.

The best sex dolls can look almost lifelike, thereby allowing a “partner” to enjoy an almost complete sexual experience almost as though they were with a real partner. Of course, this also incorporates the use of holes, often lubrication, and more.

But of course there is more than one type of sex doll, and the type that you choose is going to drastically impact on your overall experience. In this post, we will examine the different types of sex doll to find out which might be the best kind for your needs.

Blow Up Dolls

When you think of sex dolls, you might be inclined to think of the blow-up kind. A blow up sex doll is an inflatable doll made from plastic that can be inflated in order to provide all the necessary holes.

Blow up dolls have the considerable advantage of being easy to transport and to fold away when not in use. For those people who would rather not keep their sex dolls on display, this is a useful feature!

That said, blow up dolls are severely lacking both in terms of their realism, and in terms of the kind of tactile experience they can provide. Of course, inflatable plastic is often quite hard to touch, and will also often include an uncomfortable seam where it has been manufactured. Blow up dolls have unusual proportions, and they lack fine details. The result is something that doesn’t look particularly like a real person, and that can therefore often be considered more of a novelty gift than anything else.

Silicone Dolls

The more realistic types of sex doll therefore are made from silicone. This is a material that is softer to touch than plastic, and which has the appearance of being much more similar to human skin. It is also far more moldable and generally much more durable.

A silicone doll has the potential to look extremely lifelike. While not all silicone sex dolls are hyper realistic (this depends largely on your budget!), the ones that have been designed in this manner will often be so realistic as to be easy to mistake for actual people!

Silicone dolls can also vary in terms of the precise material that is used to create them. Silicone dolls were initially made from tin-cure silicone, but this has more recently been replaced by platinum-silicone in the high-end market. Some dolls are likewise made from a thermoplastic elastomer called TPE, which is often used instead. This is particularly common in dolls from overseas (such as China). They are just as high quality as most platinum cure silicone dolls, but are usually less expensive.

Elastic gel is also used by some companies which offer superior shape memory and elasticity. 

Additional Features

There are many more features that you can find in silicone dolls, which include everything from motorized thrusting motions, to heated orifices. 

In short, silicone dolls are today highly realistic and offer enough variety to suit every taste!