Using Sex Doll Toys

Using Sex Toys In Combination With Sex Dolls

There are countless articles out there that compare simple sex toys to sex dolls. Sex toys like masturbators, of course, have the big advantage of being small, practical, and easy to store under a bed. Nevertheless, they still offer a great experience that is quite unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Sex dolls take this to the next level. With a sex doll, you can now enjoy sex with what looks like a real woman… except for a perfect woman. A woman with impossible proportioned breasts, and tiny hips. A woman with full, soft lips, that are perfectly contorted into a permanent groan of satisfaction. 

Yeah, they’re great.

But of course sex dolls are hard to transport, they’re large, and some guys feel awkward about using them.

That’s not what this article is about. Instead, we’re looking at another option entirely: using sex toys AND sex dolls.


So what might this look like? Well, if you get tired of the holes that came with your sex doll, you could always consider getting her to use a masturbator. Put it in her hand, and then help her with the motion. You get a new experience, and you get to look at her hot face at the same time (and probably finish on it too).

You can get all kinds of regular masturbators, but you can also experiment with more expensive options that do a whole lot more.

The most ambitious of the male masturbator pack though must be the more expensive ‘Tenga Flip Hole’ which looks almost like a pair of hair straighteners on a stalk. This has various different functions and rather than trying to mimic the female vagina it aims to give a unique sensation that you control throughout the entire process. It’s like the prostitute cousin of R2D2 and represents a considerable investment. 

The sex dolls and Tenga Flip Hole-level expensive mastubators, are unique in that they are designed for multiple uses. The other male masturbators are generally intended for a single use, though they can be used multiple times if you use a condom. Part of the reason for this, other than the obvious fact that you can make a mess of them, is that you will eventually wear out the lubrication and fabric ruining the experience. While these are much cheaper than, the others offer more of an investment. 

So choose your device, think about the logistics, then whack away! 

Cock Rings and Lube

Another option is to use a cock ring or a special stimulating lube. Cock rings are not just for the woman’s pleasure: they also increase the sensitivity of your penis and help you to go longer!

Likewise, a lube can provide extra speed and reduced friction, but also all kinds of tingling sensations and even warming feelings!

Adding these to the experience with your doll will mix things up, while also helping you to experience entirely different sensations.

For Her…

Finally, you can even consider getting a dildo for your sex doll. While some guys won’t see the appeal, for others the idea of pleasuring their woman is extremely sexy. And of course, it can be fun to watch her suck it too…