Things to Try With Your Sex Doll

So, you took the plunge and invested in a sex doll! No doubt you’re over the moon and having a great time getting to know your new squeeze.

But once the novelty of missionary starts to wear off, there is a whole world of possibilities to explore. Sex Dolls are the ultimate sex toys and can be enjoyed in a whole plethora of different ways. So, in this post, we’re going to explore what some of those are.


One thing to try with your sex doll is using different lubes. Of course, you have probably already tried some basic lubes simply in order to enjoy the doll as intended. However, at this point you can now start to experiment with different and more interesting types of lubes. We’re talking about products that can provide additional stimulation such as heating sensations or tingling. And of course these can go in the vagina, anus, OR mouth.


We doubt it took you long to realize this, but you shouldn’t stick to the vagina when it comes to sex with your doll. Anal sex with dolls is designed to offer a tighter experience in most cases, and then there’s the enjoyment of the visual element. This is something a lot of human partners won’t let you do, so it should definitely be near the top of your list once you get the most agreeable and flexible partner possible!


Oral sex is another great option with a doll. This is not only very sexy, but also gives you lots of options. Why not lie her on the bed and have her head hanging back over the edge: a porn flick classic that very few guys get to enjoy in real-life!

Or why not lie her on the floor for a good old fashioned face-fuck?


You might not have thought of this, but why not put those posable, perfectly manicured nails to good use too?


Of course, you should also try dressing your sex doll up! These days, sex dolls are designed to be immaculately beautiful, and in many cases, they are even more stunning than women you would meet in real life. Heck, they can even enjoy proportions that a real woman would never be able to accomplish!

But variety is the spice of life, and unlike a real partner, there is no need to stay stuck with “the same woman” for the rest of your life! Short of splashing out for another sex doll and having a threesome (which is also great), you can change her hair by investing in another wig, or you can change the makeup. Do you want girl next door or vampy temptress? Why not both?


Talking of splashing out, you can also take your sex doll for a bath! It’s an intimate and sexy experience, and one that also feels great thanks to the warm water and variety of soaps and lotions to hand!


Still talking of splashing out… you can also enjoy getting that “money shot” with a sex doll. Whether you want to cum on her tits or her shoes, you’ve got free reign!