Sex Doll vs Masturbator

A sex doll is a lifelike doll that is designed to look and feel as close to a real woman as possible. This will normally be made from a silicone material that is intended to closely mimic the appearance and feel of real human skin. That is then coupled with incredible artistry that is intended to make the doll look and feel completely real. This is true of high quality sex dolls at least!

A masturbator meanwhile does away with all of the “extraneous parts” and gives you just a simple vagina. In some cases, you might get an anus or a mouth, but essentially this is just a tube that has been lubricated and that may have been designed to look and feel a little bit like that part of a woman. Very often it is just called a fleshlight.

So what’s the difference? Why use one over the other? Read on and we’ll attempt to answer that question.

Benefits of a Masturbator

A masturbator is of course a much more discrete item that is easier to hide. This will feel very much like being inside a woman, except that it will allow you to control the pace and of course to enjoy that intercourse whenever you want! When you’re done, you simply need to wash it out and stick it in a drawer. You can even bring it on holiday with you! This is the closest thing there is to a dildo for straight men, and a lot of guys really swear by them!

Masturbators come in a variety of different designs but each one is intended to offer an unrivalled pleasure that no guy could possibly achieve with his hand alone – even if he were to use lubricants!

Compared with a sex doll, masturbators are much cheaper, easier to store and transport, and a little less intimate. That last point can turn out to be a good thing if you find the thought of a sex doll to be too “full on.”

Benefits of Sex Dolls

Despite the many benefits that a masturbator can offer, sex dolls remain popular. So why is this?

The first and most obvious reason is that sex dolls create an added sense of intimacy and in this case, that is a good thing. Guys who feel they want more sex usually don’t just want to feel stimulated – they also want to enjoy the closeness of sex. Sex is a highly emotional experience and one that is actually extremely good for our psychological and emotional wellbeing. A sex doll can add all of this.

Moreover, a sex doll can make the experience much more enjoyable thanks to the “visual element” that it brings to the table. Men in particular are highly aroused by the physical and visual aspects of a woman – a simple curve can be enough to turn us on!

Looking at a woman’s moaning lips while making love to her is far more arousing than using a disembodied mouth!

And of course, sex dolls also offer more physical pleasure. With more to hold on to and a total of three holes (not to mention the option for a titfuck) you have MUCH more opportunity to enjoy yourself in different ways.