How to Hide Your Sex Doll

If you own a sex doll then this might be something that you don’t want to advertise. Just to be clear: there is nothing wrong with owning sex dolls. In fact, looking after your own sexual health and finding interesting ways to pleasure yourself should be encouraged! Why prevent yourself from doing something that could bring you a huge amount of pressure? Simply because a few people might not understand it?

With all that in mind though, you no more want to have your sex doll discovered by your parents when they come to visit than you want to leave your condom wrappers lying around – or even your underwear! This is a private matter, and it’s not something that a lot of people will particularly feel comfortable discussing with you! 

With all that said, a sex doll is unfortunately a rather large item that isn’t always going to be the easiest thing to hide!

So how do you go about keeping it out of view? Read on and let’s find out.

Spaces for Storing Sex Dolls

What you need to ensure, is that as you hide your sex doll without causing damage to it at the same time. That means finding somewhere that is large enough for it, and where you won’t be forced to awkwardly contort it. 

A high quality sex doll is not something that should be stored in an attic where it can become damaged to even moldy! Instead, it is something that should be treated with due care and attention. 

Suitable spaces then include under the bed, in a wardrobe (standing upright), or in a larger closet space (such as a cupboard under the stairs).

Now of course, these kinds of spaces do risk allowing people to stumble onto them. There is nothing to prevent someone from opening your wardrobe and finding your sex doll staring back at them. This can be something of a shock! 

So consider getting a lock for those doors!

A Bag

You should also keep your sex doll in a bag. This not only prevents it from being scraped and scuffed when you pull and push it into the space where you are keeping it, but it also means that people who might happen to stumble on it aren’t going to immediately know what they have found!

This doesn’t mean you should be putting your doll in a bin bag, which not only feels disrespectful (and a little murderous) but also won’t protect your doll. Instead, you should look for a large gym bag, or something else that is made of a firmer texture with a zip. This way you can protect your doll and a strap will also make it easy to carry around.

When Space is Tight

If you absolutely must store your doll in a smaller space, then consider its natural range of motion. Most dolls are designed to be able to sit, which will make the doll shorter, though deeper. You can this way store it in some places that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Just don’t force it past the way it was meant to bend!