Exciting Ways to Change Your Sex Doll’s Look

Many guys don’t realize the full potential of a sex doll until they’ve had one for a while. Far from being simply a male masturbator with tits, this is a highly versatile partner who wants nothing more than to please you. 

You can now have sex with a stunning woman on cue and in any way you want. Want a sensual bath? Then you can have one! Want to have anal sex? Go for it! Want to have a titfuck? That’s on the table too.

Heck, most are posable enough that you can work your way through the Kamasutra! 

And this is before we’ve explored the many other possibilities. Possibilities like role play, like dress-up, and more.

It’s that last option we’re going to focus on in this post: all the ways that you can experiment by changing your sex-doll’s look. In so doing, you can feel as though you are having sex with a different woman every night, and even start to explore the realms of fantasy…

Wigs, Makeup, and More

Many realistic sex dolls are actually entirely bald. This design is of course intended to create more options for users, by enabling the use of wigs that can completely change the look of your sex partner. Fancy sex with a readhead sex doll? You can! Want to have sex with black hair doll? Go for it! How about short hair, or a curly 80s perm?

Changing the makeup can likewise completely alter the look of your sex doll. You can go for a vampy dominatrix doll with red lipstick and dark eyeshadow, or you can go for the sexy cheerleader look, or girl next door! 

Then there’s the option to change your doll’s clothes. Where do you buy sex doll clothes? At any women’s clothes shop! Now you can live out your fantasy of having sex with Wonder Woman sex dolls, with flight attendant redhead sex dolls, or of dominatrixes with their leather underwear, whips, and striking makeup.

Oh and of course high heels are a must!


Speaking of wigs and shoes, these are more accessories than clothes. And there are many other options you can explore here too. For example, how about giving your flesh doll glasses? Or what about a hat? You can put her hair in plats, or you can even get her a dildo!


The thing to remember though, is that a sex doll allows you to break outside the limits of reality. That means that you can not only do things with her that no real woman would be able to imitate (upside down sex of various kinds comes to mind) but also that you can put her in fancy dress. In fact, you can buy elf sex dolls! 

But even if you didn’t get an elf sex doll, you can just as easily turn your sex doll into an alien, into a character from your favorite movie… How about Lara Croft? Or maybe a mermaid? Anything is possible!